Seems you found my website, cool!


I am Cody Paul Brian II, a simple fluffy lost on the internet. I enjoy working in I.T and Networking among other techie things :) Im almost always looking to meet new people and groups and would like to think that I am easy to get along with (Although I don't know for myself if I am..)

You might think that the tech guy would be into gaming, such is not so. I'm not all that big of a gamer unfortunately. This seems to be a problem to some people shrug

Status in the Furry Fandom

I at this point, with all the drama and such do not consider myself a furry, however, I was only a furry because I am a Therian. So, call me a furry or not, it doesn't matter. Just keep the drama away ;) We are supposed to be good!

What the hell do you do?

I spend most of my time (the little I have to myself) working on little projects like websites and applications or working on hardware and computers. I used to have a GitHub but after the MS takeover I got the f* out of there. I love organizing get togethers and such and love to attend them as well! Lots flies!

You wear a collar.. wtf?

Here we go...

There are a number of reasons I wear my collar. Both SFW and not quite. The SFW is easy to explain: I wear it as a symbol of my status as a Therian, It holds various symbols as well. On my collar you will find a gem that represents my spirituality, a Corgi pendant that represents the closest Earthly animal that I relate to, a skull that represents the fact that everyone has a dark side, and sometimes a padlock (lugg

age lock) that represents the status of any relationship I am in. As for the NSFW part, I do in fact have a Master, two actually. That's all I'm going to say.


Meh, kinda. I attend the New Hampshire Fur Bowl in Raymond monthly. That's it for now.

What is your Fursona?

This is a little hard to explain. But I will try. In this world my Fursona would be a mix of an Angel Dragon (Not Dutch), Corgi, Fox, Tiger and Deer. (See images). (Corgen)

Spirituality / Religion

Contrary to popular belief, I am in fact religious. However I follow a little known religion known as "The Game Master's Religion" with a simple belief of many gods and basic respect for all. It is also a very spiritually based religion in which we believe in supernatural powers and beings, magic, things like Alchemy and such. Not sure how best to explain it so I will leave it at that. :)

Can you art?

Nope. Unless we are talking CSS/HTML/PHP I cannot for the life of me produce any kind of good art.


Male, 5'6.5, 178lbs, gay